SANDRA ABBÜHL | Dezember 2020

The power of love

The power of love

In you

In me

Try to see

Feel it

It is around you

Only the love is the hole true

The power of Love

In everyone

With love all can be done

Love is the magic

It is in the air

Love is everywere

Love is the wonder

Feel the love in your heart

Fell the love in your soul

In the deep of us we all are love

We are the light

Now it is the time to shine bright

Love is the answer of all your questions

Love can be change everything

The power of love is now

You maybe ask how

Be the love

All the time

Love each other

All the time

See the love in you

See the love in me

No right no wrong

The power of love is so strong

The power of love is here right now

Its a present for you and me

The power of love are we